Featured Blog Writer: Dr. Marc Katz, Advanced Podiatry
Dr Isaacson

Timely blog posts are a great strategy for writing relevant and quality content to improve your website’s search ranking. Dr. Marc Katz of Advanced Podiatry is an expert at it. Read one of his most recent posts focused on a recent athlete’s injury!

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Blog Inspiration: Ideas To Jumpstart Your Blog This Fall
Understanding Your Web Presence

Do you struggle with generating ideas for your next blog post? Here are five suggestions for this Fall that may get you jumpstarted on your next post! As always, keep up the great blogging out there!

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Does Your Website Have Google Analytics? Check Here!
Stay Mobile Friendly

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to track website traffic and generate real-time statistics on your website’s performance. Verify if your website contains Google Analtyics by clicking the following link! If not installed, ask your IT provider to install it today to provide you with better insights on your website.

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